Website maintenance

has become a must these days since even if the servers are good offering 99% uptime, still its important to check the forms and mail links atleast weekly once to be double sure that the enquiries are being forwarded from the website perfectly.
If you don't want to spend your time updating your website, then let us do it for you so that you can focus on what you do best.We offer you

cost-effective website maintenance

and take on the task of

routine website maintenance to existing web sites

and make whatever changes are needed as and when required. By outsourcing your

web site maintenance

, you are free from the regular updates and expansions.
We fix a uniform price for the regular jobs specified during the start the contract and special price for the various updates to the site based on the speed of your business growth. We can take all or parts of these responsibilities off your shoulders.

Our site maintenance service covers:
  • 1. Checking and updating links to avoid sites from Broken links.
  • 2. Verifying the site is up and running, and getting the site back up if it's down.
  • 3. Minor word/sentence changes/corrections.
  • 4. Checking search engines to ranking and making minor SEO adjustments as needed.
  • 5. Adding/changing/deleting email addresses.
  • 6. Keep an eye on stats.
  • 7. Keep an eye on stats.
  • 8. Maintenance regarding security issues (scripts, databases, image/bandwidth theft, etc.).
  • 9. Minor technology upgrade.